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Quality Policy

SMP has developed a Quality Management System for the marketing of its products based on non-ferrous, high and low density precious metals.

Our quality policy is based on the following targets:

  • Meeting our clients’ needs in terms of quality, service and price.
  • Providing a product that is of the same or better quality than the products offered by our competitors, in full compliance with all of the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The ongoing improvement of our system and our service.
  • Extending quality to all areas of the business.
  • Part of SMP’s quality policy is to grow and increase our market share, improve profitability and provide our clients with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality. In this way we aim to ensure the constant improvement of the image and prestige of SMP in the market.
  • We apply our quality management commitment to every manufacturing and service operation to the point that we can ensure that:
    - The standards of acceptability and capacity of our products and services are met.
    - Cost targets are met for every process.
    - A process of teamwork is developed and maintained to improve the competitiveness of the company.
    - Collaborative relationships are formed both with clients and suppliers with the aim of improving the quality of both the products and services provided by SMP.
    - We create an atmosphere that motivates every member of the SMP team to use their full potential and to identify with and feel responsible for their work.
    - Staff skills in areas relating to quality are constantly improved through quality training and education.